unless you know how to work it!








"Squidoo doesn't work!!"

Wow, I wish I had a dollar for each time I heard that statement from a non-believing fellow internet marketer!


Squidoo is a website created by Seth Godin.  Squidoo offers  free web space to anyone allowing the user to create content on ANYTHING they want.  Many online business owners have turned up their noses at this unique and quirky site...some have actually laughed at the whole concept!

It's time to stop laughing.

You see, Squidoo DOES work... If you know HOW to work it.

There are endless income opportunities available using Squidoo.

These opportunities are available to anyone...

Squidoo is an excellent starting point for those brand new to Internet Marketing!

With the right training and tools, Squidoo can work for you, too!

Reality is...

If you're NOT using Squidoo, you are leaving money on the table.


"Jennifer's Squidoo Profit System has benefited many including myself and will be of value to everyone that uses the Squidoo lens system no matter what their level

Some may feel that they have great experience but there is always room to improve I have found."

-Clive Anderson 




On Squidoo, you can promote:


Your website

• Your blog

• Your hobby

• Your service

• Your offline business

• Your online business

• Your products

• Your eBay store

• Your eBooks

• Your affiliate program (yes, affiliate links are OK!  No cloaking, no hiding!)


Squidoo gives you free web space and you can promote virtually anything... and you can make as many of these web pages  as you want!  These focused pages on Squidoo are called "lenses".  


Best thing is -




You like FREE, don't you?

So, why bother with Squidoo?   There are many free resources out there...

Simple answer?

Google ADORES Squidoo!


A properly created and optimized Squidoo lens

 is virtually guaranteed to be on 

Page One of Google search returns.

(in just a few DAYS)


You don't PAY for advertising...

Google  advertises FOR you.


So, let's talk about Squid. 


Yes, Squid.


Did you know squid are one of the fastest invertebrates on Earth? Squid can move so quickly because ... they are "jet propelled".  Seriously. Go ahead and look it up.  Go type in "facts about Squid" in your favorite search engine and check up on me....

 I'll wait.  

Heck, only 7.3 Billion searches were conducted online in the USA alone last month*. I think they can handle one more ;)  

Whoa...Wait just a second, what did I say? 


Seven BILLION online searches in the USA in ONE month?


Yes sir. 

Yes ma'am. 

That is what I said. 

Know what else? 


  49.7% of those online searches were on GOOGLE 

Just for fun, the "second place" search engine was Yahoo at 26.8% 

(always a bridesmaid, huh? )



I would say that Google has the Search Engine market pretty well dominated, wouldn't you? 

I would also say that if you are in a business that needs internet exposure, you'd better make friends with Google. 



Ok... let's get back to that Squid. 

The super-fast squid that is "jet-propelled". 

What if there was a "squid" that had the "jet-propelled" ability to rise to the top of Google search returns? 

There is. 

It's called Squidoo




Wouldn't you like to have Google wrap it's loving arms around you 

and give YOU first page exposure for YOUR keywords? 

(for FREE?)



With Squidoo, you will:

Increase traffic to your site or blog

• Gain 1st page exposure on Google search returns for your keywords

Earn affiliate income

• Explode your list

Earn additional income from Squidoo itself  

(yes, Squidoo PAYS too)


A free resource that increases traffic, boosts your list and site/blog exposure, puts you on page one of Google, AND not only ALLOWS affiliate links BUT  gives you unlimited exposure to sky-rocket your affiliate earnings...


And Squidoo pays YOU to do it.


Don't tell me Squidoo doesn't work.


I've been quietly enjoying the rewards of Squidoo this year.  Squidoo is not some sort of SEO "trick", it is a tool.  Simply throwing some content on a page will not guarantee magic to happen.

You have to know what know what you're doing.


I've spent a lot of time learning about Squidoo.  Testing, marketing, and creating until I found a system that I can now duplicate over and over again.


First, Let me make something clear:


You do NOT need a guide to learn how to make quality lenses on Squidoo. 


All the information you need to create successful Squidoo lenses can be found just by searching around Squidoo and the web. There are no "secrets"... there are just things YOU don't know, yet


If you are new to Internet Marketing, I HIGHLY recommend starting with Squidoo.  With Squidoo, you can receive feedback and see RESULTS very, very quickly.  Learning how to make high-quality, profit-producing lenses can get money in the bank that much faster.  I don't care if you don't know the first thing about making a web site... you WILL learn how to make a proper Squidoo page with this system.


If you have tried Squidoo, but haven't had much success, I highly recommend learning the proper way to utilize this powerful tool to maximize it's potential.


If you are a "seasoned" Internet Marketer, you KNOW the value of top Google exposure and organic, targeted traffic.  You are also perfectly aware of the true power of Squidoo.  However, you may not have the time to scour the internet and learn.  My Squidoo Profit System will dramatically decrease your learning curve and have you cranking out profit-making lenses in no time.


Squidoo DOES work, if you know how to work it.

So, again, do NEED a Squidoo guide to learn how to use Squidoo? 

No - absolutely not.


But I will say this... 


Your competitors already ARE using Squidoo

 and reaping its rewards on a daily basis. 



The Squidoo Profit System includes:


Book #1.   Squidoo Profit System Study Guide -

My personal report that not only expands and improves on the Squidoo techniques you will learn, but also brings some tactics up-to-date to maximize your Squidoo earnings potential.


Book #2.   Squidoo Profit Plan - The Ultimate Guide to Squidoo. 

    Squidoo Profit Plan will show you how to:

  • Write Lens Ad-Copy That Converts To Sales Like Crazy
  • Avoid Having Your Lenses Marked As Spam/Deleted
  • Use Social Bookmarking To Drive Insane Traffic
  • Generate A Huge E-Mail List With Squidoo
  • Have Your Lenses Indexed By Google In Hours
  • Select A Niche That Converts On Squidoo
  • Select Keywords That Will Drive Massive Traffic
  • Churn Out Lenses By The Dozen Per Day

Squidoo Profit is a "start here" step-by-step guide to creating and promoting Squidoo lenses.  Whether you have no experience online, or a lot of experience, this step-by-step system will teach you what you need to know.


Book #3.    How to Build a Massive List with Squidoo  

Squidoo List Profits will teach you how to build huge e-mail opt-in lists with         Squidoo, a strategy which will undoubtedly bring you income for months and months down the road.


Book #4.    Squidoo Idea Tank 

At a loss for ideas?  Find 15 Hot Niches to get you started on your Squidoo marketing efforts in the Squidoo Idea Tank.


Book #5.  Dominating E-zine Articles with Squidoo 

Need to beat out an ezine article for top placement on Google? Find how you can dominate EzineArticles on (almost) any keyword using simple Squidoo tactics.


Book #6.   30 Personal Tips  to Optimize Your Lens for Success

SEO optimization of your Squidoo lenses is critical for profits! These tips will teach you how to build a lens that Google LOVES!


SIX eBooks!


Wait... We need bonuses!


 Ok... Bonuses coming right up! 



Bonus eBook #1

Making Money Online  

Blog Tips and Tricks to make a killer profit machine

(This will be the most informative report you've read about blogging...)



Bonus eBook #2

101 Traffic Building Secrets

( No site - regardless how great - will thrive without traffic)



Two MORE eBooks!



That's A HEAP of quality information to teach you 

how to use Squidoo to maximize your online income! 



Look, I am just a person who has been quietly making money with Squidoo letting Google do my advertising FOR me.  I am not a "guru" (whatever THAT is),  nor am I peddling a "get rich quick" scheme.

I believe in the power of Squidoo.

It DOES work.  

Its been providing me with free, targeted traffic...and money in the bank.


Want Proof?


These screen shots represent 4 light days of additional, passive income I have earned from Squidoo.



As you can see, these are not "guru-like" screen shots showing promises of thousands of dollars a day.  As I said, this is NOT a "get-rich-quick" scheme.. this is easy, passive income with no overhead.  I make about $50 - $65 a day using all free resources and very minimal effort -- and zero cost

What could YOU do with an extra $1500 - $2000 a month?

As you can also see, my web design skills are FAR from impressive. Heck, I'm embarrassed to say how long it took me just to get those screen shots to work! Thank goodness you don't need those kind of skills to make money with Squidoo or else I'd be in a heap of trouble!  



I do NOT pay for advertising... Google advertises FOR me.

This money comes in while I am working on other projects... 

This money comes in while I am playing golf...

This money comes in while I am on vacation...

and yes, pardon the cliche`, but...

 this money also comes in while I sleep.


Free organic money.  Gotta love it!


I'd like to share The Squidoo Profit System with you today.


 This Package of Squidoo instruction is easily worth $300.

Regardless of it's worth, I can't stand over-priced Internet Marketing information.  Actually, I am flat out sick and tired of over-priced information.



I want to give you MORE for LESS.


Your total cost today? 



The biggest package of Squidoo how-to 

for the smallest price of 'em all.



Could you use an extra $1500 - $2000 a month?  


Don't forget:

"Success doesn't come to you, you go get it!"

Go Getcha Some Success!



Instant Download. 

Pay thru Paypal. 


Don't have a Paypal account? 

No problem!

Just Click "Buy Now"


Get Your Copy Now For

Secure Payments
Made Through PayPal


P.S.  What are you doing here at the bottom of the page? Oh, you want MORE?  Sheesh... you are a tough negotiator!


Ok... Master Resale Rights Included!

(does not include bonus reports)

Yes, you can turn around and sell the six Squidoo Profit System eBooks and keep 100% of the profit!

Awesome product, thanks!

I'm using resale rights for one of the ebooks as incentive on my squidoo page for signing up to my list....very cool tool!

Thanks a bunch for putting it together for such a fair price!

Feeling Great! Thanks to an awesome team!

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